My thoughts on “The Man of Steel”

Before you read this, be wary, there might be  SPOILERS!


So as a friend of mine already stated; the action in this movie, is better than any other superhero movie out there; I hate to admit it but he’s right there is no debate. It even beat “The Avengers”. But that was to be expected from Zack Snyder. Man is a genius when it comes to action. But just cause the action is better doesn’t mean I know if I like this movie more than “The Avengers”, but damn is it neck and neck in terms of being more enjoyable.

A lot of critics are giving this movie heat. Saying it was just a generic blockbuster. I think that’s unfair. Honestly, it had all the elements of a generic blockbuster; but it was still more than that in some cases.

We finally saw a Superman who was more of a human man, then the human ideal boyscout. This movie really showed us who and what Clark Kent is. Someone who helps people, who wants nothing more than to protect people, even at the cost of exposing himself, which he does quite often. Practically to the point where Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield look like masters of keeping their secret identity well a secret.

In terms of character development, it kinda fails as well. But not to the point where I don’t care about the characters. Just not enough time was spent on them TO develop. This movie was about Clark Kent, about Cal-El, about Superman. The GODDAMN MAN OF STEEL. We needed to see him develop before anyone else did, and there was a heavy amount of character development on him. Which I’m alright with, mainly for the fact that (almost) every Superman related “one-shot” cartoon movie and even “Superman Returns” failed to do. There’s no definition really to Clark, other than he’s the American way. In this rendition, he says, “I was brought up in Kansas. I’m as American as it can get,” which to me said more of, “I can be trusted even though I’m from a different planet,” rather than, “I’ve got only this country and its best interests in mind.” On a side note, Smallville, even though it ended poorly was a good definition to Clark’s character.

In Man of Steel we really get to know more or less who Clark is, what makes him who he is and we feel his pain. Everyone else’s character suffers for this, and by-god they were cast perfectly, in my opinion. But that’s what sequels are for. Which in most cases is the case for pretty much every superhero movie, providing they don’t “F” it up.

The acting I think was pretty solid on all accounts. Any faulty acting I think was from the background actors. And sadly from Martha Kent and General Zod, in certain spots though. But it’s mostly due to some shotty places in the script. 

In terms of the Bechedel test, I don’t know if it passes, and if it does, it did just barely. But again, this movie was to follow Superman/Clark, so of course EVERYONE is going to be talking mostly about him, even the men, not just the women. Hell, sometimes I was at the point where I was thinking that some of the guys need something else to talk about other than Clark. I personally forgave it though, because I was interested in Clark’s story and development. But I did like Lois as an independent female character; they showed her as she’s supposed to be. A strong, smart female lead. She even finds out who Clark is before the first half of the movie is over.

Speaking of the first half, I do have to say the narrative in the first half of the movie, while it didn’t confuse me, pissed me off, jumping from current events to past memories. I appreciated what was trying to be done, but ultimately it needed to be more consistent in its timeline. 

Overall, not a perfect movie, but it was definitely a step up for Superman. I’m not a huge Superman fan, but I am a fan when he’s done right. I definitely would watch this movie again and again just for the hell of it. And as a Comic Book Movie fan, if this movie had come out last year when “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, and “The Avengers” came out, I think this movie might’ve beat these movies in my book, who knows.

In the end, I think Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder are definitely on to something, and I for one can’t wait to see more.

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