Valiant PS3/PS4 Themes

Hey everyone,

So ┬áthis is something I could’ve posted awhile ago, but last year I worked at “Valiant Entertainment” as an intern. During my time there, I had a couple of different projects to work on. One of which was to work on designing and constructing themes using pre-existing artwork from their line of comics. It was a super fun project, and the best part? They’re available for purchase in the Playstation Online Store. So check them out. Not all of them were made by me, just the ones above.

Kingdom Hearts Z


So turns out I’ll be without a tablet for a little while longer. Did this however over the course of a week. A character a day, color done entirely by mouse clicks. Yay! Done for the Team Four Star guys’ ‘Fan Art February’

Kingdom Hearts

kingdomhearts color final