Rick and Morty: Season 1


For the “Rick and Morty: Exploit the Fans for Promotional Art Contest”. Here was my entry.

Come Check Out My New Art Class!

If you live in the Havertown, PA area you should come out and check out that I will now be teaching a Comic and Cartoon drawing class at Dish and Dabble! Hope to see you there!

dishndabblewebsitepromo copy

Two Sides of the Same Soul


So, here’s the first Yu-Gi-Oh! piece I’ve done in years. God, I loved this manga so much. Seriously the comic was so much better than the cartoon, not that the cartoon was bad.
And recently I’ve had conversations with a few different friends that just reminded me of how much I did. So thank you to those who brought back all those good memories.

This is also for sale as a shirt at http://inksterinc.com/product/two-sides-soul/

Graduation and Portfolio

Hey there people!

I’m graduating next week and that means I will be off into the real world. Sounds like fun, right? So I’m going to be trying to find some work now. In the meantime I now need to update the fact that I now have:

A) My domain name to myself.

B) My Digital Portfolio is up and has its own section.

C) I now have more time to make and release more work.

So keep an eye out for more work from me. I’m disappointed that I haven’t gotten to update in awhile but I just got very swamped with school and other things. Mostly school.