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Experimental Piece

Two Sides of the Same Soul


So, here’s the first Yu-Gi-Oh! piece I’ve done in years. God, I loved this manga so much. Seriously the comic was so much better than the cartoon, not that the cartoon was bad.
And recently I’ve had conversations with a few different friends that just reminded me of how much I did. So thank you to those who brought back all those good memories.

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Graduation and Portfolio

Hey there people!

I’m graduating next week and that means I will be off into the real world. Sounds like fun, right? So I’m going to be trying to find some work now. In the meantime I now need to update the fact that I now have:

A) My domain name to myself.

B) My Digital Portfolio is up and has its own section.

C) I now have more time to make and release more work.

So keep an eye out for more work from me. I’m disappointed that I haven’t gotten to update in awhile but I just got very swamped with school and other things. Mostly school.