“Coraline Comic” Ely 2014


Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Illustrated by Phil Vazquez

So after 5 months it’s finally here! The “William H. Ely Exhibition”! My senior thesis is all done. I put so much time and love into this that I couldn’t be happier with the result. There’s so much I could say and talk about when it comes to all of these, but in the end I just have to say that it was fun to try and solve the execution of all these.

Gaiman’s work has been some of my favorite things to read in my life, and now some of my best work is based off his. I am extremely grateful for such amazing inspiration!

I now present my comic scene rendition of Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline” along with the full book jacket!

If you’re in the city of Philadelphia, come out to the University of the Arts and check out the show!


Store Now Up And Running!

Store Now Up And Running!

Now apart of the menu is the link to the store! There you can purchase a few of my prints, including this one made exclusively for this occasion!

Details about the image now:
A project I’ve been working on to be a personal promo assignment for class, but I think I am going to use it.

So real quick, gotta confess, outfit I drew in this is based off of the Disney character: Max Goof. Watched “A Goofy Movie” clips recently and still love it.

Also friends of mine accidentally made it as zombies in here. No intention at first, but once I realized it, I pushed it a little bit.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Hey, so I finally got my shiny new tablet! In fact it’s a Yiynova (basically a cheaper cintique) to anyone who knows the jargon. And with it, I’m attempting drawing digitally. Up until now, it’s been traditional lines with digital color. So I’m trying my hand with some new stuff.

Anyway, with this, I’m going to announce the return of my short lived web comic, “Vazquez Doodles” so keep an eye out in the coming week(s)!