Graduation and Portfolio

Hey there people!

I’m graduating next week and that means I will be off into the real world. Sounds like fun, right? So I’m going to be trying to find some work now. In the meantime I now need to update the fact that I now have:

A) My domain name to myself.

B) My Digital Portfolio is up and has its own section.

C) I now have more time to make and release more work.

So keep an eye out for more work from me. I’m disappointed that I haven’t gotten to update in awhile but I just got very swamped with school and other things. Mostly school.

Store Now Up And Running!

Store Now Up And Running!

Now apart of the menu is the link to the store! There you can purchase a few of my prints, including this one made exclusively for this occasion!

Details about the image now:
A project I’ve been working on to be a personal promo assignment for class, but I think I am going to use it.

So real quick, gotta confess, outfit I drew in this is based off of the Disney character: Max Goof. Watched “A Goofy Movie” clips recently and still love it.

Also friends of mine accidentally made it as zombies in here. No intention at first, but once I realized it, I pushed it a little bit.